Follow-up appointments and more,

whether face-to-face or online, with the greatest freedom of choice in your hands.

In the calendar below, you can choose among the different meeting modalities, keeping in mind that appointment availability might differ from one setting to another; with more slots usually available for online appointments than in-person.

If the duration of the sessions feels too short for you, there may be the option to add additional time during the booking process. My calendar will show the availability for it once this add-on is selected.

It is important to mention that the session will begin and end at the agreed time, so if you cannot meet said schedule for any reason, the duration of the session will be shortened accordingly. Likewise, arriving too early to the session will not alter its duration and to avoid crossing paths with others it is better to respect the agreed time.

Please note that the waiting list that appears on some days of my calendar is only an automated tool to receive notification in case of free spaces. Therefore, to increase the possibility of an appointment, it is recommended that you plan a session on a day that is available, which is compatible with signing up on the waiting list for a different one.

Remember to check that the time zone displayed by the system corresponds to your geographical location.

In case of questions or technical problems, you can reach me by sending an email to or by calling +31 30 636 8981.

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About me and how my practice offers mental health care to bring a sense of home to nationals and internationals.

Before we meet

Practical information before you start your therapeutic process so we can establish the boundaries of our relationship.


The bridge between the different forms of human suffering we face and the therapeutic support to alleviate it.

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Once your need for support has been addressed, you can decide which setting seems most appropriate for you to begin your journey to feeling better.


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