Our next

“Hope” is the thing with feathers.

Once your need for support has been addressed, you can decide which setting seems most appropriate for you to begin your journey to feeling better.

You will have my support every step of the way during this process, which sometimes involves changes in the initial treatment plan to adapt to new needs at each life stage. Flexibility in these terms is crucial for a true mutual “meeting” and thus moving towards your “next”.

Individual therapy

A safe (relational) space in which to address the situation you are going through and receive support to find your own resources to move forward.

Couples therapy

Finding ourselves and each other within the relationship. Activating personal resources that allow us to show our needs to the other with agency and honesty; learning to attune and satisfy each other as much as possible.

Group therapy

Whether in addressing personal growth moments linked to existential and/or identity issues, whether in bereavement processes or following treatment for substance abuse or eating disorders, group therapy has proven to be an invaluable resource.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

I invite you to get to know me and decide if I could be a good companion on the road.

within Reach

About me and how my practice offers mental health care to bring a sense of home to nationals and internationals.

Before we meet

Información práctica antes de iniciar el proceso tPractical information before you start your therapeutic process so we can establish the boundaries of our relationship.


The bridge between the different forms of human suffering we face and the therapeutic support to alleviate it.


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