First contact

If we haven’t met yet,

I invite you to request a free introductory video call. As seen below, currently, you can schedule a first contact with me in about 2-3 weeks, after which the treatment starts more or less immediately, provided that during our meeting we have verified that I can accept your case.

Always check if the time zone displayed by the system corresponds to your geographical location. And in case of doubts or technical issues, remember that you can send an email to or call me at the number indicated below.

Please note that the waiting list that is occasionally mentioned in the calendar below, only refers to the possibility of being notified if someone leaves a free slot on the day you are interested in. It is an automated notification system. This does not imply being part of a waiting list in any other sense.

Already under my care?

within Reach

About me and how my practice offers mental health care to bring a sense of home to nationals and internationals.

Before we meet

Practical information before you start your therapeutic process so we can establish the boundaries of our relationship.


The bridge between the different forms of human suffering we face and the therapeutic support to alleviate it.

Our next

Once your need for support has been addressed, you can decide which setting seems most appropriate for you to begin your journey to feeling better.


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