Terms and conditions


These terms apply to all treatment agreements, both oral and written, placed between the patient and Mrs. Nuria Maldonado Bellido (hereinafter your psychologist), as founder and licensed psychologist working at Psychology within Reach (Chamber of Commerce # 66848687).

These terms and conditions may be waived only in writing and any amendments will be duly communicated to ensure mutual agreement.

These terms and all aspects related, between Psychology within Reach and the patient, fall under Dutch law and the parties hereby expressly submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Dutch courts for the resolution of any legal disputes.


Your practitioner is a psychologist licensed to practice in mental healthcare as stated in the following registrations: Psicóloga General Sanitaria Colegio Oficial de Psicología (AN03800) and Psycholoog NIP (225619).

She is also a member of the European Association of Gestalt Therapy and the Asociación Española de Terapia Gestalt.


Your psychologist benefits from the clinical supervision of psychiatrist and psychotherapist Dr. Gianni Francesetti, with whom she holds regular sessions to ensure the quality of the therapeutic processes she is involved in.

Our team follows a code of ethics in which we are committed to treating your case and information with confidentiality and due diligence. Information to and from third parties, outside of our team, will only be shared with your explicit consent.

Our privacy policy is available on our website, and we have a firm commitment to providing a safe environment also online, by using GDPR compliant tools at every step of your treatment.

We are as open to receiving compliments as we are to accepting suggestions and complaints when your expectations are not met. The complaint procedure would start by letting us know about the area in which we haven’t met these expectations. If we are unable to offer you with a satisfactory solution, you can submit an online complaint to Klacht&Company following the protocol provided on our website (section Before we meet).


Psychology within Reach offers services in Spanish and English, although we cannot commit to the appearance of both languages in all the tools to be used and given our international focus, English will be the predominant language.

If any tool or communication received seems unclear, including these terms and conditions, you will be expected to communicate this to your psychologist for appropriate assistance.


Every meeting must take place following whatever protocols are in place to provide safe conditions for it. These protocols will be duly communicated to you when they involve your active participation.

Your psychologist works in a hybrid way to guarantee that the therapeutic processes do not experience notable interruptions, which translates into the need to transfer the sessions to the online setting when circumstances demand it. This may happen several times a year, for a up to a few weeks each time.


We are required to verify your identity; therefore, we kindly ask you to bring a photo id to your first session.

During the intake phase, which can take several sessions, depending on how far apart they occur at the beginning of the therapeutic process, your psychologist will evaluate your demand for therapy to establish a treatment recommendation that will be shared with you and may be modified throughout the therapeutic process, when deemed necessary by both parties.

Since we work within the framework of General Health Psychology, it is not possible to obtain official diagnoses through us.

Your file will contain your admission form, all consents and other documents produced throughout our relationship, your treatment agreement and its possible updates, the list of sessions and, if you have chosen to monitor your progress with questionnaires, the follow-up of your therapeutic process.

You can also contribute with self-reflections after each session, given that your psychologist doesn’t take notes, but she values the co-construction of a narrative that offers continuity to your therapeutic work in the here and now.

All exchange of information will take place either via the patients’ portal or during sessions and we will reduce the email communications to informative messages about our practice, such as reminders of your appointments.

Psychology within Reach does not have a crisis service, therefore, in the event of a crisis, please contact your General Practitioner, your local emergency room, or the “huisartsenposten” in the Netherlands (outside office hours).

The therapeutic process will be terminated by mutual agreement with a free farewell session. It can also be considered terminated when the sessions have been interrupted unilaterally by you or when your psychologist understands that the conditions that allow providing the care that the case demands are no longer present.


All fees and costs for the services provided at Psychology within Reach are VAT exempt thanks to the nature of these services (health care provided by clinic) and the characteristics of our practice (according to KOR regulations in The Netherlands).

These fees are published on our website, and their acceptance is required in the booking process of each session.

From January 1, 2024, and until further notice our rates are:

Individual Therapy (50′ sessions):

– Weekly attendance: € 90
– Fortnightly attendance: € 95
– One-At-A-Time: € 100

Couples Therapy (75′):

– Fortnightly attendance: € 135
– One-At-A-Time: € 150.

Group therapy session (90’) = € 40 p.p.

Overtime (in-session or off-session) = € 30 (per 15′)

Our services are paid in full as they are booked. This process is carried out through Stripe’s secure payment services, which are integrated into our booking system and in which most debit and credit cards are accepted, as well as the iDeal payment method.

If contact between sessions generates calls, messages or other tasks that require extra attention, this time will be billed at a later date, according to the rate included for this purpose in these terms and conditions.

Your psychologist works independently, without a contract with any insurer, however, some insurance policies cover part of the costs in the case of individual therapy and up to a certain amount per year. Under no circumstances shall Psychology within Reach be liable in any way for any claims, losses, expenses, costs or liabilities resulting from or arising directly or indirectly from the terms of your insurance policy.


Modifications in the time/date planned for a session or cancelations made with less than one business day’s notice are subject to an administrative fee of a full session, regardless of the cause that prevented attendance.

Since cancelations that observe this advance notice result in a refund, it is expected that this option will be used only when continuity in the therapeutic process is not foreseen, in such a way that additional banking costs are prevented.

Utrecht, January 1, 2024