Burnout and work-life balance

What happens when we have failed to recognize our body’s warning signs and have used up every last drop of energy we had to share?

Burnout is a process that arises as a consequence of chronic work stress in which personal, social and organizational variables are combined.

It is easy to understand that part of their therapeutic care must be directed to educating on the need for a balance that allows responding to organizational demands while respecting personal boundaries and social needs, that is, educating the person and whoever employs them about work-life balance.

The multifactorial nature of this suffering, on the other hand, makes necessary an approach that takes care of the rest of the variables involved in this process and a rhythm according to it.

This is so because to reach the state of burnout the person has already gone beyond the states of stress, anxiety and even fatigue and exhaustion until reaching a new vital moment in which recovery requires much more time and sometimes a total redefinition of their beliefs or vital constructs that sustained the previous situation.

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