Cultural adjustment and migratory grief

What happens when you want to feel at home in a new place, but feel the dichotomy between belonging and saying goodbye to a part of you?

As with other vital moments in which we have to adapt to change, when we go through a migration process, whether forced by necessity or chosen, we are going to find ourselves in a series of novel situations without the support network and resources that we had enjoyed up to that point.

In fact, sometimes it can be difficult to receive support from our network of family and friends, if they consider that we are in a desirable situation and therefore it is difficult to imagine the possible shortcomings or sacrifices that each choice entails. Other times it will be our feelings of shame and / or guilt that prevent us from expressing our need for support to those we have left behind and many more, we will simply hide our suffering to take care of those we love avoiding their concern.

And at the same time, we may find it very difficult to call the new place our home due to a sense of loyalty or even fear of letting go of our cultural mores. This often represents a challenge in creating the necessary support network in our new place of residence.

All this, together with the encounter with a new landscape, a new culture and perhaps a new language or even possible discriminatory attitudes, can make us live a process of mourning similar to that described for other types of losses and that we feel the need to let ourselves be accompanied by a professional. Someone who understands our situation and with whom to build, in a safe environment, the bridge between our two worlds.

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