Depression and mood swings

¿What happens when inside we feel a void so great that we don’t know how to let anyone reach us?

Although depressive states are not always accompanied by mood swings, both experiences have certain similarities in terms of the difficulty in feeling that we can reach or allow ourselves to be reached by other people.

In our depressive experiences we experience a notable lack of interest in activities that previously attracted us, we move with difficulty as if our body suffered under the influence of an increased force of gravity and our senses become sluggish, so our appetite, our sleep and other basic responses of our body are altered.

Time passes at a different rate than we see other people’s lives go by. It is difficult to concentrate and even more difficult to look forward with the calm and confidence in the future that we could once experience.

This experience takes us away from feeling part of what surrounds us and for our environment it also becomes a painful experience due to the difficulty to accompany us, which can lead to feelings of guilt and resentment that aggravate the situation.

When these experiences are accompanied by mood swings, sometimes they are experienced as such a welcome change that we want to cling to the increase in our energy and take advantage of lost time, without being able to avoid falling back into an unsustainable rigidity for our balance. emotional. Our health depends on the natural fluctuation between different moods and even joy is not desirable if it is present permanently.

These episodes can manifest themselves in the form of euphoria that is not adjusted to the situation and even aggressive responses.

The time in these periods is also lived in an altered way, being accelerated and also making it difficult for our environment to reach us or accompany us.

The role of therapy in these cases has to do with the restoration of the bridge that links us to the world. The uniqueness of our lives requires an eclectic approach to find the tools that best support each personal process.

If your struggles might have arisen or been influenced by your personal journey as an expat, considering the losses we face when leaving our home and cultural identity behind, we invite you to explore our migratory grief treatment. You will find a dedicated calendar to plan a first informative contact by following the link on this page.

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