Personal growth (feeling stuck)

¿What happens when we reach a point in our lives where we neither know how we got there nor know how to move forward?

When we talk about mental health, we often do so from the most conventional medical point of view, in which the disease is understood as an alien condition that treatment has to combat in order to arrive, in the best of cases, at a cure. This very useful concept on many occasions, however, does not include disease as a natural part of our existence and has other limitations, as the findings of psychoneuroimmunology and modern medicine have shown.

People who ask for psychological support are often not struggling so much with an “illness” as with obstacles or difficulties in the natural course of their personal growth. They were able to implement adaptation strategies (patterns) that at some point in their life were necessary to survive an unfavorable situation, but that over time have left them in a situation of rigidity or feeling stuck that does not allow them to find the adequate response to move on.

Inspired by the work of developmental psychology, movement theories, and somatic education professionals, Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy was created by Ruella Frank, Ph.D. as a template for understanding and working with early psycho-physical blocks, as they appear in the present moments of the therapy session.

Accompanying the work focused on our movement patterns, I also make use of other sources of knowledge, such as immunonutrition or epigenetics, to facilitate growth that integrates both our mental and physical world in a relationally intertwined reality.

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