Relationship problems and/or separation

What happens when your relationship goes through such a difficult time that you find it hard to remember what the bond of love with your partner felt like?

Within this category we could include any type of human suffering and in turn, living it as part of a relationship is what can lead us to need support not individually but as a couple.

The focus in couples therapy is on the couple “meeting”, i.e., that they can activate the personal resources that allow them to show their needs to the other in a responsible and honest way and, therefore, attune and respond to them to the extent possible. We talk about the need for communication, affection, reciprocity, intimacy, trust …

Another relevant field of work in couples therapy is acknowledging that our beliefs about what it means to be in a relationship are not universal truths. This allows us to design the map of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in OUR relationship as a couple, thus freeing us from the feeling of shame towards the judgment of others, since the problem in each couple and the way to solve it is their own and does not even have to always lead to moving forward with the relationship.

Separation is in fact a possibility that should be openly discussed in all couples therapy and it is a process that in itself demands careful attention to the steps to be taken to build a new version of our lives that healthily integrates the end of the previous relationship.

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